Juventus Training Experience @ Cantalupa

The Juventus Training Experience take place in the town of Cantalupa (Piemonte), 40 km away from Torino.

Thanks to its excellent sports facilities and its location sorrounded by nature, Cantalupa is the perfect place for having a unique experience of training and fun in a friendly and safety environment.

The proximity to Torino guarantees the teams a full immersion in the black and white world through the activities that take place in the Juventus capital.


Characteristics of the Juventus Training Experience:

  • Activity period: from middle September to the end of May
  • Age range: 5-17 
  • Minimum number of players per group*: 15 players

*groups must be composed by players of the same age (maximum one year of difference)

The basic pack for the activation of a Juventus Training Experience is:

  • At least one training season
  • Allianz Stadium Tour and Juventus Museum visit
  • Accomodation in the Cantalupa Sports Village campus
  • Acquisition of an Adidas J|Academy kit for each participant

Additional services and activities can be requested